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  • Paolo Costa

    Paolo Costa

    Postmedia, digital humanities, relationships between technology and societal change.

  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

  • Shaileen Pokress

    Shaileen Pokress

    If we truly want diversity in the tech workforce, we must treat computer science as a basic competency for ALL students from K to 12.

  • Daniel Klainbaum

    Daniel Klainbaum

    Director of Product Design @1stdibs

  • Karyn Lu

    Karyn Lu

    made in china

  • scritic


    I am an interpretive social scientist who studies platforms, algorithms, data, and expertise. Lecturer at UC-Berkeley. See http://shreeharshkelkar.net for more.

  • Chris Bigum

    Chris Bigum

    Rapscallion on L plates

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