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  • Jordan Taylor 🏳️‍🌈

    Jordan Taylor 🏳️‍🌈

    I’m a PhD student at CMU HCII who studies things related to marginalized communities, social media, and AI

  • Sohan Choudhury

    Sohan Choudhury

    Co-Founder @ Gatherly

  • Daniel Klug

    Daniel Klug

    Carnegie Mellon University | media, interaction, and technology | researching TikTok and short-form video | http://daniel.klug.am

  • Amy Jo Kim

    Amy Jo Kim

    Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io

  • Leysia Palen

    Leysia Palen

    Professor of Information Science & Computer Science, Univ of Colorado. Disasters, Tech, Teaching, Research—and other Risky Things. www.cmci.colorado.edu/~palen

  • Katherine Maher

    Katherine Maher

    Chief @Wikipedia enthusiast. Free knowledge booster. Believer in human generosity. Opinions mine, likely [citation needed]. She/her. 🤔

  • Shagun Jhaver

    Shagun Jhaver

    Assistant Professor @RutgersCommInfo | https://shagunjhaver.com

  • John Stasko

    John Stasko

    Student, Researcher, and Cancer Survivor

  • David Jay

    David Jay

    Head of mobilization @ the Center for Humane Tech, fascinated with the way that relationships and movements form.

  • SIGCHI Research Ethics

    SIGCHI Research Ethics

    SIGCHI Ethics Committee. Raising awareness of ethics in HCI research. Helping program committees, reviewers, and authors address ethical issues.

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